The key to long-term professional success – Deep Work

Deep Work by Cal Newport is a must-read for knowledge workers that struggle with focus, concentration and output. Even more nowadays, when COVID-19 imposed a work-from-home policy to many, forcing us to work from a generally distracting environment – our own homes. The book is written in a bit lengthy, but unambiguous and easy to read style. It doesn’t have any groundbreaking discoveries, yet the clear structure and intelligently gathered facts convey the point very effectively – Deep Work is needed for long-term success in many knowledge fields. (more…)

The power of the Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits by James Clear was recommended to me by so many people, and was so highly praised, that I was afraid my elevated expectations will leave me disappointed when I finally read it. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The book just resonated with me (and with lots of other people judging by the positive reviews in Amazon, Goodreads, etc). Style is clear and straight to the point. Action-packed read where I wanted to highlight half of the book as “important” to review later. Atomic Habits should definitely make your reading list for the coming months. (more…)

Can’t Hurt Me – a remarkable story of willpower and grit

With New Year’s Eve just hours away, what better time to talk about goals, motivation and personal development.

I’ve read countless books on these topics over the years. Not necessary for the “action steps” they give to better your life immediately, but for the reflection questions they often pose. Without a doubt Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins is my new favorite. It’s a great blend between reflection, adversity, challenges, motivation, gratefulness.
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